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Implementation / project management

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Support of acquisition 

DFIC supports companies in the development of their markets. Our service range goes from the identification of target customer, through initiation of first contacts, project development and controlling, up to assistance in the design of contracts.

For our international customers intending to enter the German market, we also provide the function of a local agency in Germany in order to secure a quick start.

After a first phase consisting in the development of targets and procedures DFIC can also work on a performance-related remuneration basis.

Extended workbench

As flexible and trustworthy provider DFIC may take over concrete tasks over a limited period of time for its customers. The provision of highly qualified personnel e.g. as representative or for special projects belongs to our services as well as the processing of sub-projects.

Furthermore we regularly assume the task of acquiring of funds or the writing of grant applications in close coordination with our customers.

Outsourcing / insourcing

Based on capacity and quality considerations our customers regularly entrust us with the management of major projects, wlth full or partial responsibility. Scheduling, planning of cost and the corresponding monitoring are tasks that we carry out conscientiously in the best interest of our customers.
DFIC provides these project management services in a flexible way either at our customer’s premises or in its offices in Essen.

Experience shows that careful planning or kick-off workshop at the beginning of our projects is required as a foundation for success. The mobilization of relevant stakeholders often plays an important role. DFIC plans with its customers the methods and implementation. At the same time, we often take over moderation and documentation.

Study tour on biogas
Study tour on biogas

Workshops / conferences

DFIC has gained extensive experience the organization of international conferences including relevant side events. The technical issues are focusing on climate change, energy and mobilization of investments, especially by means of appropriately match-making.

Delegations / study tours

Study tour cogeneration for South Africa
Study tour cogeneration for South Africa


Energy technologies and energy policy - in short, the implementation of the energy transition (German Energiewende) - are usually at the forefront of the study tours regularly organized by DFIC for delegations from around the world. Visits of trade fairs including the selection of suitable business partners belong in this spectrum as much as Introductory workshops, lectures, evaluation of the tour and implementation planning.

We provide a detailed documentation which may include video recordings on request.

Screenshot Studienreise


  • Promotion of cogeneration and contracting in the frame of the SAGEN Programme in South Africa
  • Development of model contracts for energy services in a South African industrial estate
  • Conception, organization and implementation of numerous study tours in the fields of renewable energies and energy efficiency for participants from South Africa, Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia, India, Indonesia and Iran
  • Evaluation of measures in the field of cogeneration in Tunisia
  • Evaluation for personnel development / technology transfer for renewable energies projects in India
  • Project management & project support for vocational training in Iran
  • Development of biomass waste projects
  • Identification and mediation of potential gas customers
  • Identification of partners for a foreign company on the German landfill gas market
  • Identification and initial contact of acquisition targets for a waste management company
  • Operational support for market development in the field of measurement technology

Study tour PV
Study tour PV

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