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Organisational development / training

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Organisational development

Based on the objective of our customer an organizational analysis is the starting point of organizational development. The adaptation of the structural and procedural organization is carried out in active interaction with the management and with the involvement of the staff e.g. concerning workplace analyzes or process optimization.

We perform organizational development as measurable effects in the context of post- mergers or restructuration. We have successfully implemented organizational development with our customers also in the frame of new business settings or integration of new products and services.

Overview organisation development


A detailed needs assessment presents the basis of target oriented training policies and programs; this applies to professional & technical knowledge as well as to soft skills and other human resource development approaches.
Well elaborated concepts for training and especially vocational training serve as a structure for both the demand side and the training providers in order to embed specific training programs.
Technical education and vocational education and training (TVET / VET), especially in matter of energy, present an important part of our activities. DFIC also has extensive experience with the consulting of educational institutions. Strategy development, organizational development and internationalization are among the standards of our services.

DFIC itself is regularly carrying training activities in Germany and abroad for selected topics like cogeneration or energy services.

We provide conception and implementation support at workshops and congresses in Germany and internationally.

We offer technical study tours especially with respect to the energy transition for experts and managers from different countries.

Training on concrete examples
Training on concrete examples


Organizational development

  • Post-merger organizational development of two public institutions with 900 employees
  • Moderation and concept development to establish an internationally active energy and water joint venture
  • Consolidation and integration of public utilities and urban waste management
  • Development of an ESCo/contracting business field
  • Restructuring and reorganization of German waste management association
  • Organizational and restructuring consulting for several municipal water utilities in Serbia
  • Implementation of management and organizational tasks within the wastewater master plan of the Kingdom of Bahrain, Sector Analysis and Options for PSP



  • Evaluation of a capacity building project for vocational training in the field of waste and renewable energy in Algeria
  • Evaluation of previous environmental measures in the frame of vocational training in Maghreb countries
  • Design and delivery of training measure in the frame of feasibility studies for wind farms in Tunisia
  • Evaluation for personnel development / technology transfer for renewable energies projects in India
  • Training on the topics of combined heat and power (CHP/cogeneration)
  • Design and implementation of an energy management training program in Jordan
  • Needs analysis for TVET in the fields of energy efficiency in South Africa
  • Development of capacity building in the fields of biogas in Morocco
  • Development of a capacity building project in ​​vocational training for renewable energy and energy efficiency in Algeria, Morocco and Tunisia
  • Development of training materials for energy efficiency, in particular e-learning (geothermal, cogeneration and energy management)
  • Study on capacity building in energy efficiency in the Maghreb countries
  • Capacity Building in the frame of the SAGEN Programme in South Africa
  • Capacity building in the area of ​​energy efficiency in buildings in the Maghreb region
  • Study on policy and strategic development of training measures in the fields of renewable energies
  • Project management & project support for VET in Iran
  • Development of TVET projects in Iran and Indonesia

Vocational training in Ghana
Vocational training in Ghana

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