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Strategy development

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Corporate strategy

How can the challenges of the fast changing business environment and the existing innovation options be sustainably integrated into the existing corporate strategy ? Such a question is often the beginning of a consultancy. DFIC sees itself as a partner to our customers. We develop strategies together with our customers in a participatory and interactive process. Modern techniques such as "mind mapping", “360 degrees” techniques or "world-café" come here into application. A strategy development is often needed in order to pool the diverse impulses and programs in areas such as climate protection, market development or energy services.


Cooperation strategy

We advise companies on how to achieve their goals in a more effective and less risky way through appropriate cooperation structures. In the frame of the development of new services the question "make or buy" arises for companies of any size - can I get faster on the market with external expertise? The possibilities to design cooperation for international distribution are manifold (e.g. piggyback solutions) and should be systematically analyzed and evaluated. Handling various forms of Public Private Partnership counts among our core competencies.

Strategy development


  • Development of a market strategy for energy services for an energy provider company
  • Development of a market entry strategy and identification of potential customers for energy services
  • Development of a market strategy and assessment of market segments for energy services and CHP contracting
  • Development of a strategy for vocational training in the fields of renewable energies in Sub-Sahara Africa
  • Development of a strategy for an environmental technology and training center in Tunisia
  • Development of an investment strategy for a German waste management company
  • Development of a market entry and cooperation strategy for a European environmental technology company

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