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Financing requirements for export-oriented as well as for small and medium-sized companies become increasingly demanding since customers frequently expect to receive financing options from contractors and suppliers – DFIC will support you in this regard and help you to generate competitive advantages especially in developing and emerging markets. This includes an analysis of the respective financial sector and available funding and financing options in the target market, taking into account specific project requirements.

The structuring of the project as well as the development of operator models and alternative financing models is a focus of our services. In addition, we will support you finding the right paths through the public funding jungle.

DFIC offers advisory services on the financing and acquisition of subsidies along the entire value chain, starting with the promotion of project planning and development, through the export or import of goods and services, the phase of financing and investments to the acquisition of personnel and financing of training or further education.

Subsidies and financing options, from planning to realisation and operation
Subsidies and financing options along the value chain

DFIC has an experienced team of consultants with expertise in commercial banks such as Commerzbank and West LB, in the segment of public development banks of the KfW Group as well as in the energy industry and project development.

Furthermore, DFIC regularly conducts feasibility studies and financial modelling projects, especially for public financiers.


Due to DFIC's many years of experience, we know about the challenges our customers are facing:

  • High capital costs of energy projects lead to increasing importance of financing costs
  • Projects are often only implemented if the financing is ensured
  • Smaller projects are often more difficult to finance than large ones
  • Political risks in attractive emerging markets
  • Many international financing programmes are implemented through local institutions and thus, only local creditworthy companies may be eligible for loans
  • Dynamic and non-transparent conditions as well as high efforts to apply for funding prevail in the field of new programmes for international 'climate financing' of national and international donors.

Acquisition of funds

In order to incorporate viable financing and promotion opportunities, all phases of the value chain should be designed individually and in line with the applied business model.

We differentiate between financing and subsidies as follows:

  • Financing refers to investments or the export business; if necessary, the planning phase can be promoted as well
  • Subsidies are grants for project and market development including training or research & development activities.

Understanding the funding and financing logic and a professional approach are prerequisites for a successful application for funding. We will assist you!

  • Screening of funding schemes
  • Preliminary examination of eligible funding programmes
  • Application for funding and representation of interests
  • Project coordination (optional)
  • Compilation of reports (optional).

DFIC maintains a comprehensive and continuously updated database with more than 100 specific German as well as international financing programs and promotion schemes for projects in the field of renewable energies and energy efficiency.

Read more in our project reference develoPPP in Zambia – Acquisition of funds for a German PV-company.

Utilising development cooperation funding

Development cooperation is increasingly recognising that investments for climate protection and employment can only be implemented with private companies. This is why "cooperation with the private sector" is becoming increasingly important. 

DFIC is focussed on this interface and has been working for "both sides" for 25 years. We screen the programmes available for the respective business model and country and support the application process, e.g.

  • Economic cooperation based on the PPP principle (e.g. develoPPP Classic) has been tried and tested for 20 years
  • Promotion of feasibility studies (DEG)
  • Innowwide of the EU
  • Upscaling zur Förderung von Betriebsmittelkrediten von Auslandsniederlassungen
  • Environmental protection export initiative
  • RES of Dena

Finance consulting

DFIC advises and supports you on financing issues – from the initial screening of possible financing alternatives to the final decision on funding for your project.

Your individual financing needs determine the scope and depth of our consulting services. We usually offer financing support in the following steps:

  • Initial analysis (free of charge)
  • Preliminary examination of eligible financing instruments
    • Options with regard to the target market
    • Options with regard to company structure and product/ project
  • Development of a project outline considering target groups
  • Support in structuring the project as well as its financing
  • Assistance with the acquisition/ application for financing and subsidies.

Read more in our project reference IPP PV-projects in Zambia – Finance support for a listed solar power company in south Germany.

Since 2012, DFIC has been advising German companies on financing and promotion options for their foreign activities on behalf of the Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Climate Action (BMWK).

The BMWK's Energy Export Initiative supports German companies in initiating business in numerous foreign target markets. As part of the AHK’s business travel programme, conferences and trips to attractive markets are organised in order to build up successful long-term business relationships. In this context, the financing of projects in the respective target market plays an increasingly important role.

In this regard, DFIC advises German small and medium-sized enterprises (SME) on attractive financing options – tailored to their specific requirements. Furthermore, the use of the diverse funding opportunities in the phase of market and project development is also becoming increasingly important.

In addition to individual consulting appointments, DFIC's services within the framework of the AHK’s business travel programme also include the preparation of financing studies (basic and country studies) as well as technical lectures and information events.

Read more in our project reference BMWK's Energy Export Initiative – Finance consulting for German SMEs (small and medium enterprises).

We would be pleased to advise you on the subject of financing and inform you about the possibilities of participating in the AHK’s business travel programme of the Energy Export Initiative (Link).

Financing Peru
Financing Peru

Financing platform for Southern Africa

MEPAF - Matching Energy Projects and Finance s the name of the financing platform developed by DFIC on behalf of and in cooperation with the German Chamber of Industry and Commerce for Southern Africa. The digital platform solution offers the possibility to find suitable partners for the realisation of renewable energy and energy efficiency projects by selecting specific parameters and search options. (Link)


Finance consulting

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