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Worldwide market study for services in the field of metering and billing




Viterra Energy Services (VES) intends to open up new markets for sub-metering in the household sector - especially in developing and emerging countries. DFIC was commissioned to carry out an appropriate market analysis for Latin American and MENA countries.

Utility analysis


The most attractive target markets are to be identified. The market potential of each country is to be examined in order to provide decision support for market entry and market development. The relative and absolute attractiveness of markets is to be analyzed.    


IIn a first step, Chile, Colombia, Venezuela, Mexico, Greece, Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Libya, Tunisia and Morocco were identified as the most attractive markets. For these countries market studies were carried out in the fields of measuring and billing services.

Based on research, on-site interviews and local expertise the potential was analyzed. Based on the analyzes and assessments recommendations were made for a market entry strategy for the three most attractive markets and corresponding business plans were elaborated.

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