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Market study as preparation for the market entry on the US market of a new laser-assisted gas monitoring technology





The company Adlares has developed a new helicopter-based system for the detection of leaks in natural gas transmission lines and sets this already to monitor the network of a leading German network operator. In a global market study, also carried out by DFIC, the American market has been identified as a key market, which is why the client now plans to enter this market in a short to medium term. To this end he commissioned DFIC with the detailed analysis of the market in preparation for market entry.


The aim of the project was to obtain a detailed description of the American natural gas market in order to identify the core regions, to define the key parameters for the development of market segments, the competitive analysis and the identification of potential clients and partners. Likewise, the contact formation was provided for potential partners.

Gas-Netzwerk USA


A study of the US market for the detection of leaks in gas networks was carried out and the key legal, economic and technical framework and key parameters were identifies. In addition, direct single competitors were observed and the different technologies in use were identified and compared. On the basis of the examined market logic, customer and partner profiles were derived for a market entry. High-level partners were identified for talks on an international conference and meetings were organized with the German supplier/client.

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