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Market study entry concept waste water





Atlantium has developed a new UV disinfection system for drinking water and process water, and markets it already in Israel and some other countries. In a further step the company intends to enter the German and European market. Due to its longstanding experience in the creation of internationalization and market entry strategies as well as excellent knowledge of the German water industry DFIC was entrusted with the creation of a market entry concept for the German market.


The objectives of the first phase were analyzing the main market segments for these UV disinfection systems, defining the key parameters for the development of these markets and identifying and contacting co-operation and sales partners.

UV disinfection system
UV disinfection system
  1. Medium Pressure UV Lamps
    Fewer lamps, better protection.
  2. Automatic Real-time Monitoring & Control
    Two sensors per lamps measure critical data in real time.
  3. Quartz Chamber Uses Fiber Optic Principles to Recycle UV Photons
    Optimized UV efficiency for lower energy costs.
  4. Thick Quartz Tube, Short Lamp
    Save, and lamp easier to handle.
  5. Show-me Window
    Safe window shows the system working in real time.


A study of the German market for water treatment and disinfection was realized and the main segments and their key parameters were identified. Based on the project logic of these segments different distribution channel options were analyzed and the corresponding partner profiles were derived. Potential partners and end users have been identified and contacted. A market entry strategy was outlined which suggested concrete steps for the next phases. In a further step DFIC took over the role of an interim agent for the German market for half a year.

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