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Biomass gasification in Namibia


A.H.T. Syngas 

A.H.T. Syngas is a medium-sized plant engineering company operating in the field of logistics thermal utilisation / gasification of biomass, which wants to become involved in Nambia.


In Namibia, dry bushes as invading species are a major ecological problem as they destroy grazing areas. At the same time, in many regions the power supply is not secured or even planned via the grid.


DFIC was commissioned to support A.H.T in developing the market. The focus was on the development of a pilot project in the productive use sector as well as the identification of funding and financing instruments. The structuring of the project development and a feasibility study were purposefully set on the path to realisation.


In co-operation with the local representative of A.H.T in Namibia, the procedure for the development of biomass gasification projects was worked out. Corresponding checklists were also developed in this context.

A detailed outline for a feasibility study was developed for a pilot project in the field of biomass carbonisation. Funding and favourable / public sources of financing were examined and identified for both the feasibility study and the investments associated with the implementation of the project. In this context, contact was also made with the GIZ in Namibia; the submission of a develoPPP application was prepared.

As part of the DFIC counselling, an application for the BMWK's Africa counselling vouchers was successfully supported.

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