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Development of a market strategy for energy services





RWE responds to the pressure of intense competition in the commodity business and builds consistently a new business field “energy services”.


Areas of growth are to be identified and at the same time the operational sales capacity for the customer and project development must be strengthened. Objective of the activities was to develop a strategy for the market development. A market analysis shall deliver a basis in order to be able to proceed with the integration within the corporate strategy. The implementation of the strategy was to be supported operatively, especially regarding sales.  


  • Analysis of the heating market for energy services in all market segments, definition of priority target segments
  • Assessment of market segments through the integration of quantitative and qualitative factors in a utility analysis
  • Fitting into the external and internal factors of company development
  • Interactive implementation of priority / weight shifts with staff
  • Adaptation of the scoring instrument for operative marketing
  • Identification of target customers in industries
  • Support for the project and customer development.

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