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Development of a climate value concept


German trailer manufacturer


The increasing importance of climate protection in the transport sector is forcing car manufacturers to position themselves on the issue of climate protection. Under the topic of CO2 emissions and climate change, the German manufacturer sees an opportunity to establish its image as an industry leader within the logistics and commercial vehicle range with ecological added value.


The aim is to develop a climate of value added strategy. The specification of this CO2 climate-value strategy shall be structured and developed together with the achievers and managers from all relevant areas of the company. This is to be followed by a concrete action plan and the integration in the corporate strategy.  


Various options for action and further procedures were developed and recognizable potential was identified out of the following areas:

  • Development of company-specific short, medium and long-term climate goals and implementation of the defined programs
  • Opportunities and objectives of internal and external communication
  • Measures of a climate value strategy
  • Integration into the corporate strategy

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