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Energy concept Industrial Park Coesfeld


Stadtwerke Coesfeld

As a municipal supplier, Stadtwerke Coesfeld is interested in a sustainable energy and heat supply in the Industrial Park North Westphalia (IPNW).

To this end, DIFC was commissioned to prepare a study to optimise the heat supply.


The Industriepark Nord.Westfalen (IPNW) forms one of the largest industrial areas in the Münsterland region within the supply area of Stadtwerke Coesfeld (SWC). However, the current heat supply does not adequately fulfil the infrastructural requirements.

The special initial situation of the IPNW is characterised by the local heating network of the former Bundeswehr site, to which numerous companies are connected following the acquisition of the former Bundeswehr buildings. However, the network typology and hydraulic control no longer correspond to today's utilisation, meaning that the security of supply via the biogas plant (BGA) located at the IPNW and the IPNW local heating network cannot be fully guaranteed.

The heat supply, including during peak loads, was to be secured via the former heating centre of the army barracks at the current location of Krampe Fahrzeugbau GmbH. However, this is not always possible as planned due to the inadequate control technology. As a result, some companies have already abandoned the local heating supply and are relying entirely on decentralised self-supply - mostly by means of oil-fired heating systems. Against this background, Stadtwerke Coesfeld intends to carry out a feasibility study to identify new potential for a stable and ecologically and economically forward-looking heat supply.


  • Identification of alternative heat supply potential for the IPNW
  • Identification of opportunities to strengthen Coesfeld / IPNW as a business location and in this respect
  • Stronger role for Stadtwerke Coesfeld (SWC) and identification of future SWC business areas in the IPNW.
  • Medium-term: stable and climate-neutral "green heat generation" IPNW
  • In the long term: climate-neutral "green energy supply" IPNW.


Based on the investigation of a large number of decentralised and centralised supply variables, it is recommended that the identified heat supply potential through the energetic use of urban green waste be investigated further and that this potential new business model for SWC also be evaluated economically.

A joint cooperation between SWC and BeCoe offers the greatest potential for a stable and CO2-neutral heat supply (with the exception of natural gas-based peak load coverage) for the majority of the companies located in the IPNW.

Such cooperation would also simplify BeCoe GmbH's business model in future (including reducing the number of heat consumers supplied, outsourcing risks associated with network operation) and provide strategic support.

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