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Promotion of investment for renewable energy in East Africa




East African Business Council


The East African Business Council (EABC) is a major energy policy player in East Africa. The East African countries of Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda, Burundi and Rwanda are characterized by enormous untapped potential of renewable energy sources. It has been increasingly recognized that the conditions for investors must be improved. At the same time, many technologies are hardly locally available as local entrepreneurs lack access to foreign technologies.


The objectives of the EABC regarding increased use of renewable energies, diversification, increased security of supply and sustainability are to be supported in order to create investment and jobs. Emphasis was to be placed on:

  • Strengthening economic development by improving access to energy
  • Promoting private investment in renewable energy
  • Improvements in climate protection through increased use of renewable energy sources
  • Promotion of regional cooperation for the use of renewable energy sources.



The EABC was advised on the development of a sectoral approach for the promotion of investments in renewable energy in East Africa. Market studies and concrete prepared investment projects formed the basis for B2B matchmaking.

An international conference on "Investment opportunities in renewable energy in East Africa" was designed and conducted in collaboration with various international organizations. 210 conference participants, including more than 70 participants from East Africa used the energy conference for presentations, discussions and expanding their business.

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