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DFIC supports the South African investment company RussellStone Group on its way to a reliable and green power supply.

On the one hand, the public power supply in South Africa is characterized by a high instability, on the other hand, further rapid price increases are expected in the coming years. For this reason, the Grainvest sunflower oil plant in Free State has taken up the challenge of overcoming this hurdle with the help of innovative energy supply concepts.

Together with its South African partners, DFIC is conducting a feasibility study to ensure reliable and sustainable energy production.  

Over 13,000 tons of sunflower husks are produced annually as a by-product of oil production at the Grainvest sunflower oil plant. These are to be utilized as part of a cogeneration concept: on the one hand, the process heat demand of the sunflower oil plant is to be covered, and on the other hand, an additional electrical output of at least 630 kW is also to be produced.

DFIC's feasibility study is certainly a solid basis for the sustainable retrofitting of similar plants in the agricultural industry in South Africa.

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